How Slot Volatility Works

This is going to be our comprehensive guide on slot volatility in crypto online gambling and online casinos in general. Slot volatility refers to the level of risk involved in playing a particular slot game.

It’s quite an important concept to understand, as it determines the frequency and size of the payouts, which is why we’re hoping this guide will help you whenever you play a casino game online.

What is slot volatility?

Slot volatility refers to the measure of the level of risk that’s involved in playing a slot game. This means how often and how much the slot will pay out. Volatility is usually classified as low, medium, or high.

Low volatility

You might think that low volatility slots don’t pay out very often, but the opposite is true, actually. Low volatility means that the slot payouts are rather small, but happen often. Slot machines with low volatility are ideal for beginners, as they’ll allow you to play for longer periods without depleting your bankroll.

Medium volatility

This type of slot offers a balance between risk and reward. Typically, they’ll pay out more significant amounts than low volatility slots, but not as often as high volatility slots. Our team recommends medium volatility slots to players who want a little extra excitement but aren’t looking to go all the way with high volatility crypto slots.

High volatility

High volatility slots pay out infrequently, but these payouts are generally going to be much larger in size than the other volatility types. If you’re willing to take a significant risk for a chance at a massive payout, this is the slot for you.

Veteran players who are more experienced or those with access to a larger bankroll can also enjoy a good high volatility Bitcoin slot every now and then, for true a truly thrilling gambling session.

How it works

The volatility is determined by each slot’s internal programming, known as a random number generator (RNG), something we’ve covered before, and is comparable to the term “provably fair” in Bitcoin gambling. RNG determines the outcome of each spin, payout size, and frequency. 

Low volatility slots have an RNG that’s programmed to pay out fewer funds more frequently, while high volatility slot RNG works the opposite way.

Why is it important to understand?

Understanding how it all works is going to help you manage your bankroll and budget better. Players who prefer lower-risk gambling should look for low volatility crypto slots that pay out more often, while those who enjoy a proper high risk, high reward approach, can choose slots with high volatility. If you’re somewhere in the middle, medium volatility slots are perfect.

It’s also going to help you decide what sort of online slot machine you should pick based on your current mood. If you want to relax and get more wins in, go with low volatility and enjoy a quick, fun, and relaxing gambling session.

If you’re set on spending a bit more time and coin to play, going for that big win, then trying a high volatility slot will better satisfy the thrill-seeker in you. Consider your mood and what type of gambler you are when deciding on the type of crypto slot you want to take for a spin.


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