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Best Bitcoin and Crypto Casinos 2023

The top 6 list below is updated consistently to stay fresh and relevant. We only list the best Bitcoin casinos. They’re secure, provably fair and trusted. Take a look:

CasinoRatingBonusCryptoPlay Now
7Bit Casino
7bit Casino
100% up to 1.5 BTC & 100 Free Spins
18+ | T&Cs Apply
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BitSpin Casino
BitSpin Casino
110% up to 3 BTC & 200 Free Spins
18+ | T&Cs Apply
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Rakeback and Tournaments!
18+ | T&Cs Apply
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100% up to 5 BTC
18+ | T&Cs Apply
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100% Bonus
18+ | T&Cs Apply
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Up to 300% Bonus
18+ | T&Cs Apply
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Weekly Tournaments
18+ | T&Cs Apply
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10% Cashback
18+ | T&Cs Apply
Play Now! – The Top Crypto Casino Guide

Guide to Bitcoin casino

First and foremost, why do we exist? A fair question, so let’s get that out of the way. With the crypto casino industry still being relatively new and growing exponentially, it has been challenging to find accurate and useful information covering the entire market.

Our goal is to fill that gap by providing honest, well-researched and reliable content – everything to make your crypto casino journey fun and safe. Stick around for:

  • Educational articles
  • Interesting statistics
  • Expert advice
  • Thorough comparisons
  • … and much more!

At, we’re determined to provide you with the ultimate Bitcoin casino guide. Find out where to begin, what crypto currency to use, which sites to visit, how to claim bonuses, withdraw your winnings and more.

If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do Bitcoin casinos work?

Bitcoin casinos work on Blockchain technology, which offers numerous advantages over traditional online casinos. Being able to pay and play with crypto currencies removes a lot of the restrictions that come with other payment alternatives and fiat currency such as the US Dollar and Euro. With crypto currency, you’re the one in control.

On top of that, they operate independently and transparently, often disclosing how their software algorithms work, something you would never see at a conventional casino. This refers to a crypto casino being “provably fair”, which you can read more about further down the page.

Furthermore, you can expect a lot of advantages when playing at a Bitcoin casino. We’ve got a breakdown for you on this page, so keep reading. Here’s a quick summary for convenience:

  • Your transactions are completely anonymous
  • Decentralized currency means more power to you
  • Faster transactions compared to conventional casinos
  • Low or no transaction fees

To get started, you’re going to need cryptocurrency/coins, preferably a wallet to keep them in, and somewhere to make a deposit.

How to play: Step by step user guide

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, we definitely understand where you’re coming from. We’ll try our best to break everything down in a simple and easily comprehensible way.

Here’s a thorough step-by-step guide on how to get started playing at a crypto casino.

1. Acquire crypto currency

Whether you intend to play using Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) or some other crypto currency, you’ll need to buy some first. This is most conveniently done at an exchange.

There are a lot of different exchanges where you can get your virtual coins. To get you started faster (and spare you the time of researching), here’s a rundown of the 5 currently most popular ones:

  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • FTX
  • Kraken
  • KuCoin

Most coins used at a Bitcoin casino can be found at any and all of these exchanges at this time. Once you’ve set up an account, making a purchase is very straightforward, and we recommend following the instructions given in the exchange app.

2. Store your coins in a virtual wallet

These days, this step is rather optional. Some crypto casinos actually have the necessary currency available for purchase, on their website. More on this in an optional step.

Unless you’re buying straight from the casino, we recommend getting a crypto wallet to store your virtual coins in. This ensures safekeeping and more control. Note that your coins are already stored in your exchange app, but having your own crypto wallet is always the safest and best option long term.

Here are 3 recommended free crypto wallets:

  • Exodus Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • Atomic Wallet

You can send your crypto from the exchange app directly to your virtual wallet app.

3. Choose a Bitcoin casino and create an account

Here comes the easy part! We’ve already compared and ranked every best crypto casino and sorted them into a convenient list at the top of the page. They’re all solid picks. This lets you focus on choosing one with the most interesting bonus, the most fun games or one that accepts your preferred coin.

Creating an account is also straightforward. Simply hit “Sign Up” or similar call-to-action buttons, and you’ll be guided through the process of signing up at that particular casino site.

4. Deposit your crypto funds and start playing

Once you’ve decided on a casino, clicked your way through and signed up, it’s finally time to start playing.

Compared to all the previous steps, this one is the easiest. Follow these 4 steps to make your first deposit:

  1. Go to the Cashier (or ‘deposit') section of the BTC casino site.
  2. Select the crypto currency you want to use. A unique wallet address will be provided. Copy the address.
  3. Open your crypto wallet and enter the address in the address bar for sending currency. Confirm the amount.
  4. Your funds should be available on your casino account almost immediately.

During your first deposit, most of the time, you’ll be able to take advantage of a welcome bonus offer as well. This can significantly boost your original deposit amount but usually comes at the price of wagering requirements.

Once your funds have entered your account, you can start playing games to win more.

5. (Optional step) Buy crypto directly from the casino

If you’ve followed all the previous steps, this step is completely optional and, in fact,
not necessary at all. This step is in case you’d rather just play at one specific Bitcoin casino and purchase your crypto directly through their site.

Several Bitcoin casinos will use exchanges such as MoonPay to allow you to buy crypto straight from the site, through a 3rd party service. The casino site will always walk you through the steps necessary to purchase crypto, so don’t fret. To give you pointers, here’s a rundown of possible steps:

  • Confirm your email address and verify
  • Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Select a currency and make a purchase

Within a few minutes, the funds will be available on your casino account.

6. How to withdraw your crypto winnings

Once you’ve played and potentially won some crypto, it’s time to return to this step and find out how to withdraw your funds.

  1. Once again visit the Cashier page at the casino.
  2. Go to the ‘Withdraw’ tab and select which crypto you want to withdraw, and enter an amount.
  3. Open your crypto wallet and generate a wallet address. Copy the address to your clipboard (doing this ensures you avoid any mistakes).
  4. Paste the wallet address on the ‘Withdraw’ page and double-check that everything is correct. You can now follow the instructions and withdraw your winnings.

Important notice: is not affiliated with any exchanges or wallets.

How we rate and compare crypto casinos

How we rate crypto casinos

The responsibility of rating and evaluating online casinos is one we don’t take lightly. We have a thorough process consisting of multiple steps to ensure that your visit here (and ultimately to a crypto casino) is safe and enjoyable.

Take a look at some of the factors we check for that determine if a casino site is worth your time.

Security and licensing

No matter what online casino you play at, crypto or not, security should be its top priority. There are numerous factors to consider when attempting to make a casino a safe place. The most basic one is having an SSL certificate to establish an encrypted connection. We recommend avoiding sites without the lock icon to the left of the address bar, it'll say “not secure”.

Among a plethora of other security measures, having a proper license is essential. For a site to be trusted, it’ll need to hold a valid license. For most consumers, this includes licenses from various gaming authorities. Some of the most trusted ones are as follows:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Curacao eGaming
  • eCOGRA
  • UK Gambling Commission

We always make sure that each casino has everything in place to create a safe and secure environment for gaming.

Customer service

Should any problems arise, it’s important to be able to get in touch with the casino. How well they run their customer service and support is a testament to how trustworthy and reputable they are.

An online casino should offer a variety of ways to contact them, including email, live chat and phone. The availability of the support team should be 24/7, as that’ll make it convenient for customers all over the world. On top of that, they should be knowledgeable, polite and eager to help. We test the customer service in various ways at every casino to ensure that you’ll get help, should you need it.

Provably fair gambling

It doesn’t matter how good a casino looks if it’s not playing fair. A crypto casino should always be provably fair, something we make sure of when ranking and testing various sites. It all comes down to the games on offer.

In short, to know if a game is provably fair at the casino you’re visiting, you should be given a hashed seed number when starting each game. The seed used in the bet will appear after playing and if the hash remains untouched, you’ll know it was a properly random, fair game.

Crypto payments

If you’re going to visit a Bitcoin casino, you’ll want to play with crypto, and pay with crypto. To do so, the casino itself has to accept crypto currency. This is a given, but how many different currencies a casino will accept depends on which one you visit.

At, we want you to have a range of options when choosing what coin to spend and play with at an online casino. Depending on which coin you prefer, you may want to visit a specific casino. Or maybe you just want to start out with Bitcoin, the most common option. Here are some of the cryptos we look for that may affect the ranking of a casino site:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • XRP

Some places will also offer to play with coins such as DOGE and SHIB, but we don’t specifically look for these ourselves.

Games and bonuses

We’re all here to play games, and so this is an important factor to consider when visiting a Bitcoin casino. You should have access to a vast amount of slots, lots of table games and a couple of live casino games as well. On top of this, crypto casinos may also offer Bitcoin games.

You should be able to test most slot machines for free before playing with real money. We test games in each category to make sure the experience is on par with our expectations.

Welcome bonuses and promotions offer a way for the player to get more out of their deposits. In some cases, you can double or triple your initial deposit to simply get more dough to play with. However, we always recommend watching out for wagering requirements and will avoid endorsing casinos with unreasonable wagering requirements.

Sometimes we’ll be able to strike exclusive deals with certain crypto casinos, so make sure you look out for any bonus offers exclusive to

How to stay safe – Crypto gambling

Stay safe while gambling with crypto

We want to, and need to, prioritize your safety. Whether it’s by making sure we only offer secure casino sites, or teaching you how to stay safe while gambling online, we’re up to the challenge.

Generally, we believe that playing at crypto casinos is safer than regular online casinos. This comes down to crypto currencies such as Bitcoin being designed to be more secure, anonymous and harder to access from the outside. As long as you keep your virtual wallet safe, your crypto is safe – here’s how to do it.

Use strong passwords

This should go without saying, but a strong password makes all the difference. Any password you use today, and especially for any financial business such as crypto keeping, should be randomly generated. We strongly recommend never using the same password twice, either.

You’ll want to keep track of everything, so getting a reputable password manager is ideal. There are several great ones out there, pick one that suits your needs. Some make it easier to change your passwords often, which will also make your accounts and wallets safer.

Lastly: never, ever share your passwords with anyone, no matter who they claim to be.

Use reputable exchanges

Where you get your Bitcoin matters. Always use a trusted exchange, and avoid other sources. The one exception is if you’ve found a trustworthy Bitcoin casino site that allows you to directly purchase crypto through their website. But even they will use reputable exchanges to process transactions.

We’ve previously listed some of the currently most popular and trusted exchanges, in the first step of our step-by-step guide. For an up-to-date list of the most popular exchanges, check out CoinMarketCap. Some Bitcoin casinos will use MoonPay to sell crypto directly from their site.

Visit trusted casino sites

The easiest way to feel safe and enjoy a Bitcoin casino is knowing that it’s trusted. If only there was a way to find a perfectly curated list by a team of experts who do nothing but test, rate and rank gambling sites. When you’re ready, you can scroll back up to find a list just like that, for free. If the reputation of a site changes over time, we take note, too.

If you want a more detailed look at reputable casinos, we’ve got several reviews to go with our curated lists. Our reviews are written by passionate Bitcoin casino players who check every aspect of the site before giving it a final score.

A reputable Bitcoin casino will treat customers well through their support channels, never delay payouts for unknown reasons, and hold proper licenses to operate in your country.

Problem gambling online and how to avoid it

Here’s some advice: gamble responsibly. Of course, it’s not always that simple. For some, gambling responsibly is easier said than done. We want to help you avoid problem gambling, so here are a few pointers that can help you keep everything in check. Quick rundown:

  • Play to have fun, not to make money
  • Set aside a budget for playing
  • Know when to take a break, get help if needed

Play for fun

You’ll notice right away that if you start playing just for fun, you’ll have a better time. Gone is the pressure of having to win crypto/fiat money, and that’s instead something that can potentially come out of just having a good time. Once you start seeing gambling as a form of entertainment and not a way to generate income, the risk of getting stuck in a negative pattern is significantly lowered.

Decide on a budget beforehand

Before you start playing at all, you should have a budget in mind. Creating a budget and sticking to it is essential, as it’s another reminder to know when to stop playing. One way to do this is to simply only buy a set amount of crypto.

Once you run out, you take a break or stop altogether. This way, you won’t overstep your budget and you can use any winnings to keep playing, should you want to. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose. Don’t chase your losses.

Know how and when to get help

You can be in control of your gambling habits simply by using the many resources and tools at your disposal. Depending on where you live, there’ll be different organizations providing useful information, support and advice, for free. The resources available will vary from one country to another. Consult with your local problem gambling prevention organizations.

It’s time to get help once you no longer find any enjoyment in gambling, or when you’ve started chasing your losses. You can visit for more information.

There are also online tests you can take to better understand your gambling behavior. They're free and the results are instant, which means you can start processing them and, if needed, working towards healthier gambling habits.

Playing with cryptocurrency: Pros and Cons

Just like with any casino online, playing at Bitcoin casinos comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Cryptocurrency has a lot of benefits compared to playing with regular fiat money. At the same time, there could be a few aspects that may turn some people off initially. Let’s take a look at some of the strengths and weaknesses of playing with cryptocurrency, starting with the pros.


  • Decentralized; meaning no connection to banks, governments or similar institutions.
  • Completely anonymous: even if the transaction is tracked, you aren’t.
  • Available almost everywhere; no matter where you live, you can get crypto.
  • Instant deposits: transactions with crypto are super fast. Lower or no fees.
  • Every payment and transaction made can be traced and proven by both parties.


  • Volatility: crypto is volatile which can lead to high fluctuation, be it an increase or decrease.
  • Chargebacks not possible: funds that have left your wallet will not come back. Always make sure you’ve entered the right address.

Which crypto currencies can I play with?

Crypto coins you can play with

You might be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of cryptocurrencies available on the market. Luckily, only a handful of them are actually used at online Bitcoin casinos, and most of the time it’s the really common and generally useful ones.

Bitcoin remains the most popular coin, but there’s a lot to gain by stepping out of your comfort zone to check some of the other cryptocurrency – also known as altcoins – out. We’ve compiled a list of the best ones (according to us, and the public) that you can find below. Note that we’ve decided not to include Dogecoin or similar coins at this time.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The safest, most common crypto currency to date. The one that started it all. For those who want a simple, secure and fast option, Bitcoin is the way to go. The coin is completely decentralized, like most crypto currencies, which means no banks are involved with your transactions, and there’s no interference from any government.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

While regular Bitcoin is considered fast by fiat standards, it’s actually relatively slow compared to other coins. This is where Bitcoin Cash comes into play, as it was mainly developed to be a faster version of its older brother, and is also easier to work with.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is one of the crypto coins that have managed to get close to BTC in terms of popularity. Transactions are significantly faster with ETH. Many will choose this currency over BTC due to quicker transactions and generally lower fees, if any. A potential drawback is that it may not be as straightforward as Bitcoin initially.

Litecoin (LTC)

Another altcoin that’s become very popular with online crypto casinos is Litecoin. The coin itself is quite similar to regular Bitcoin, but just like ETH, it’s generally faster. It’s simply a solid alternative for those who want to try other forms of efficient crypto payments.

Tether (USDT)

Tether is a so-called stablecoin, designed to mirror the current price of USD (U.S. dollar). Since it’s always supposed to be pegged to the U.S. dollar value, it doesn’t really fluctuate, which also means that USDT has minimal volatility. As with most cryptos, the transactions are fast and cheap because of the blockchain. What some may consider a downside is that USDT is centralized.

Ripple (XRP)

XRP is a decentralized altcoin that works on the Ripple instant transaction platform. In the casino space, it has made instant deposits and payouts possible. It's very secure and comes with minimal fees, or none at all. In the past, Ripple was part of a legal battle which may by some be considered controversial. However, Ripple won the lawsuit and has since remained among the top crypto.

The types of games you can play

Not unlike most gambling sites on the web, Bitcoin casinos offer a wide variety of games, in multiple categories. Most of the time, you can try these out for free without making any deposit, to get a feel for it. This is however untrue for live games, but more on that later. Slots, table games and jackpots work the same way as you’d expect.

Some crypto online casinos will have gamification integrated into their sites, such as leveling, collecting and the like. This can be true for fiat casinos as well but is generally more common with crypto sites. You may also find other additions unique to these casinos, depending on which site you visit.

Here’s a brief look at what type of games to expect and what they are:

  • Slots – The most common casino game. Online slots mimic the real machines and allow you to spin to win. There are usually thousands of these at any and most casino sites.
  • Table games – Sites will have a couple of hundred table games to choose from, and anyone experienced with any games using cards, dice or wheels should give it a try. The most common games in this category are of course Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat.
  • Jackpots – Go big or go home, as they say. Jackpots are basically a giant pool of bets, where winners of the game played can go home with big sums of crypto/money, or win special prizes.
  • Live games – Live casino sites come in many forms. Usually, they’re live versions of table games with real dealers that you play against. Recently these games have evolved and now include certain slots, and even offer VR. Live games can never be played for free as they involve a real dealer, so you can’t ‘try before you buy’.
  • Bitcoin games – While most games can be paid for with crypto, some are designed to be played with Bitcoin. These games tend to be provably fair, with hashed seed numbers to prove that the results of a game were never tampered with. For crypto fans, trying specific Bitcoin games is a given.

Crypto currency volatility – what it means

Crypto is in general very volatile compared to other forms of currency, or even stocks. What this means is that the price can move up and down a lot during a short period of time. Investing in a very volatile currency is often considered a risk, for obvious reasons.

Within crypto, some coins are considered more volatile than others. This is not unlike stocks, which generally exhibit similar behavior.

It’s worth noting that while volatility can be seen as a negative aspect of cryptocurrency, there’s the positive flip side, where the value of your coins goes up instead of down. Depending on the current market, you’ll be able to almost predict which way it’s going, but it’s never foolproof. In short, volatile currencies come with risk, and it’s important to be aware of it.

Provability explained

What does it mean when someone states that a casino or game is provably fair? It’s a term you might’ve encountered in DeFi gambling communities. Provably fair is the cryptocurrency equivalent to RNG (Random Number Generator), a system found in the games of all licensed online casinos. Much like RNG, the Provably Fair algorithm is designed to make sure that the player can verify that the outcome of a game is completely fair and random. Unlike RNG, this process is verified in real-time.

Provably fair games exist to keep specific Bitcoin games fair while certain legislations and regulations are being implemented at casinos with decentralized finance payment options.

Bitcoin casino bonuses available right now

Bitcoin casino bonuses available now

Before you start playing at a new BTC casino, you might want to go ahead and pick up a welcome bonus. They are a kind of promotion that most casino sites will run, and allow you to take advantage of during your first deposit.

The types of bonus offers and promotions you can claim at a crypto casino are really no different than the ones offered at regular casinos. While the type remains the same, the content does not. Obviously, you’ll be able to claim some really generous offers that increase the amount of BTC you get to play with or add a bunch of free spins so that you can play for longer without spending more.

What follows are some of the most common bonus offers you’ll find at an online casino.

Welcome bonus/first deposit bonus

The first time you visit a new Bitcoin casino and sign up, before making a deposit, you’ll (more often than not) be presented with a welcome bonus offer.

This offer is only valid during your first deposit. Sometimes, a first deposit bonus will be spread across multiple deposits. Welcome bonuses usually come in the form of either a “match bonus”, or as free spins only.

The match bonus will match your deposit up to a certain percentage. For instance, if you encounter a bonus that says “100% up to 2 BTC”, it means that if you deposit 2 BTC, you get an additional 2 BTC to play with – making it 4 in total.

No deposit bonus

As rare as a unicorn these days. Except they’re real, just very uncommon. A no-deposit bonus basically just translates to “free bonus”. You can claim it without making any deposit yourself, so you can play without spending any money or cryptocurrency of your own.

Since it’s on the house, the bonuses tend to be smaller amounts and come with sizable wagering requirements.

Free spins

What do free spins do? Unsurprisingly, they let you spin at the slot machine, for free. Free spins come into play at various times. Sometimes you’ll get them in addition to your welcome bonus, sometimes they are your welcome bonus, and on some occasions, they’re simply given as a daily or weekly reward.

Simply put, free spins let you play more without spending extra coins, and can be dropped on your lap by the casino at practically any moment, for any reason.

Wagering requirements

This one isn’t a type of bonus, but rather an important thing you’ll want to note before you start playing.

The term usually appears as “wagering requirements” or “rollover requirements”. They exist so that you actually have to play and spend your bonus before withdrawing any winnings. The wagering requirement is the amount that has to be bet before your bonus funds are moved into your main account balance. This will allow you to withdraw the funds you’ve won.

Rarely, you’ll be able to find something called a “no wagering bonus”, which means what it implies. You can make a withdrawal once the bonus you claimed has been used. Sometimes you’ll have to wager it once before being able to do so.

What to expect from Bitcoin casinos 2023

There's a lot going on in the Decentralized Finance market this year. It has had a rocky year in the public eye, but good things are happening behind the scenes. More countries have been adopting Bitcoin as legal tender, making it even more widely available. This will in turn boost the crypto casino industry as more people will have gained access to it.

Bitcoin is slowly entering the mainstream, with companies offering fiat loans to be backed with Bitcoin as collateral. As crypto enters the mainstream while remaining decentralized, it'll become a huge hit in the casino industry where previously fiat-only casino sites will start offering BTC games as well. We expect a slow rise from this year, into the next.

Choosing a reputable BTC casino

As new crypto casinos keep popping up periodically, it’s a good idea to understand what makes a casino reputable and worth sticking with. In our analysis of the current market, we’ve found that players are more likely to stick to a specific BTC casino than they are to a regular online casino.

A reputable crypto casino is secure, trustworthy, provably fair and offers knowledgeable 24/7 support, among other things. If they offer a great bonus or VIP program, that’s an added perk, but not really essential to many. This is unlike regular online casinos, where players will usually jump from one site to another to claim new bonus offers.

We value how a BTC casino treats us and our crypto. This is why we feel our work here is important, to review and highlight trusted sites so that you can feel safe while playing. Crypto casinos rely on a good reputation and will work hard to earn our trust, and that is why the best ones deserve a spot on our lists.

Top Bitcoin casinos

Looking for the best Bitcoin casino? We think we’ve found it, which is why we've put it on top of this curated list of all the online casinos with Bitcoin that we love. Keep in mind that certain trends come and go, and our current favorites are always available at the top of this page.

FortuneJack110% up to 1.5 BTC + 250 FS2014
Cloudbet100% up to 5 BTC2013
Rocketpot100% up to 1 BTC2019

Expert advice before you start playing

Before we let you go, we’d like to leave you with a few additional pointers to make sure that your first Bitcoin casino experience is as good as possible.

This page covers everything you need to know and is continuously updated with new information to stay relevant. Here’s some advice from our experts to get you on the right track.

1. Ensure that the casino you pick accepts your favorite currency

Once you’ve purchased crypto, what specific casino site you visit will be determined based on which currency you’ve chosen. You’ll obviously want to visit a site that accepts the currency you hold as payment for its services, such as playing slots.

Before you check anything else (granted you’ve used our list so you can be certain it’s a licensed and secure website), you’ll want to find out what payment methods and cryptocurrencies are accepted. Unless you’re willing to buy a new type of coin, you might move on right away if you notice that the casino you picked doesn’t accept your coins.

This information is usually found at the bottom of the start page, but can more often than not also be found on a specific “Payments” page, or in the FAQ.

2. Note which games you enjoy playing the most

You might’ve never played a casino game before. Or at least not a specific, modern game from a renowned supplier. That’ll make it harder to know which ones you enjoy, but once you get into it, it’s worth keeping a mental note of which ones are your favorites, so that you can find them whenever you visit a new site.

Of course, new ones are developed constantly and trying new games is usually a blast. Especially in the crypto casino market, you’ll find certain Bitcoin games that stand out.

3. Check what kind of customer support is available

One can’t really know or predict when an issue will appear. It could be minor, it could be something bigger, but once a problem arises you’ll want competent help sooner than later.

Not only should a site offer various means of communication, such as email, live chat or a phone number. It should ideally also be available 24/7 so that you can get your problem resolved no matter what time it occurs. The more contact options a Bitcoin casino offers, the more reliable and trustworthy it is.

Reach out to us

So there you have it. If you’ve read all the way through, you should have more than enough information to get started playing at a crypto or Bitcoin casino and get ahead quickly. As previously mentioned, you can always get in touch with us at through our contact page, if you’d like to know more or if you need a little extra advice from an expert.

Interview with an economist

In line with our mission to be as transparent as possible, we want to look at every aspect of crypto, good and bad. It’s important to see all sides of the coin (pun intended), even if you have different opinions and beliefs.

Recently, we had the opportunity to speak to economist Robert Wayne, who’s generally skeptical about Bitcoin and crypto in general, to pick his brain. You can read the full interview below.

As an economist, what are your thoughts on the future of Bitcoin?

Well, you could say I have a few concerns about the future of Bitcoin and certain altcoins. Firstly, the value of crypto is highly volatile, making it a risky investment. Additionally, the lack of regulation and government oversight of the market raises concerns about potential fraud and criminal activity.

Can you elaborate on that?

Its value can fluctuate greatly in a short period of time, making it a risky investment for those looking to hold it as a long-term store of value. Also, the decentralized nature of Bitcoin means there is little government oversight, which can make it a target for fraud and criminal activity.

What other concerns do you have about Bitcoin?

Scalability issues and high energy consumption are associated with Bitcoin. As more people adopt and use the currency, the network can become congested, and the energy consumption required to mine new coins is significant. This raises questions about the sustainability of Bitcoin as a global currency.

What about its adoption and usage?

The acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of payment is still fairly limited. Despite being around for more than a decade, it's still not widely accepted as a means of payment. This limits its potential to become a widely used global currency, but it may be too soon to tell.

How would you evaluate the intrinsic value of crypto?

Cryptocurrencies' lack of intrinsic value is frankly also a cause for concern. As it doesn't generate cash flow, doesn't pay dividends, and doesn't have any underlying assets, it's hard to determine its true value, which makes it hard to evaluate. All in all, while Bitcoin and crypto have their enthusiasts, as a more traditional economist, I would be fairly cautious in terms of investing in it or considering it as a reliable store of value.

Are there any positive aspects of cryptocurrency that you see, despite your skepticism towards it?

Yes, there are some potential benefits to cryptocurrency, even if I remain skeptical. For example, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency can allow for more financial freedom and privacy for users, as well as the possibility for increased financial inclusion for those who are unbanked or underbanked.

Another potential benefit is the use of blockchain technology, which underpins many cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize industries by providing secure and transparent digital ledgers for various types of transactions.

Additionally, some other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum for example, have different use cases and capabilities than Bitcoin and could have a more promising future in certain areas like DeFi, smart contracts, and NFTs.

So, you believe that cryptocurrency has a future, but you are skeptical about Bitcoin specifically?

Yes, that's correct. While I have concerns about the future of Bitcoin and certain altcoins, I do think that cryptocurrency as a whole has potential benefits and could have a promising future in certain areas. I would, however, advise caution when investing in any cryptocurrency, as the market is highly speculative and the regulatory environment is still quite uncertain.

Thanks for talking to us, Mr. Wayne. It’s been a pleasure and a fruitful discussion. Although we’re still optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency, we appreciate the nuance and ideas shared today.

Our test methodology

Each crypto casino listed on has been independently tested by our gambling experts. In order to produce fair reviews, our team performs tests with uniform benchmarks and uses the same ranking process for every casino site.

Due to the importance of presenting accurate and factual information, we rigorously research and analyze each casino owner, operator, and license before even considering reviewing a site. The result of our test methodology is being able to provide you with the best Bitcoin casino experience in a safe environment.


Are Bitcoin casinos safe and legal?

Yes, visiting a licensed Bitcoin or crypto casino is safe, and not illegal. Depending on where you live, some restrictions may apply, but generally, you should have no issue with Bitcoin casinos. Use our casino list here at if you want to be 100% certain that the site you visit is licensed, secure and reputable.

How can I play at crypto casinos?

To play at a crypto casino you’ll need to acquire some cryptocurrency to deposit. This can be done either directly through the casino site (in some cases), or via an exchange. Follow our thorough step by step guide to get started.

Which is the best Bitcoin casino?

As with a lot of entertainment, the answer to this question is going to be subjective. Depending on what aspects of a casino are important to you, you might prefer one Bitcoin casino over another. With that said, however, we’re fond of these top 3 crypto casinos at the moment: BitStarz, FortuneJack and BitCasino.

Are crypto casino payments anonymous?

Yes, all crypto payments are completely anonymous. Of course, all transactions are logged and accessible from the blockchain, but your name will never appear anywhere, and can’t be tracked by banks or similar institutions.

Where can I get a no deposit Bitcoin bonus?

If you’re lucky, a crypto casino will offer a so-called no deposit bonus, meaning you can get a Bitcoin bonus without making a deposit. This is very uncommon though, but if one is available at any reputable casino, you’ll find it at the top of our casino list here.