How to avoid getting your account blocked

You’re looking for new crypto casinos, hunting bonuses, winning funds and having fun. The last thing you want to happen is to get blocked from the casino you’re playing at. You should always adhere to the rules, but in order to do so, you need to know what they actually are.

What the rules are will depend on which gambling site you visit, but generally, there’ll be a few core rules and terms that apply to pretty much every online casino. There’s no point in trying to cheat, as you’ll more than likely get caught and end up losing your account and potentially your funds too. So, let’s take a look at the main do’s and don’ts of online gambling.

Do not create multiple accounts

One of the main rules that most players will know about is not to create multiple accounts at the same casino site. It should go without saying, but you should only have one account at a time per casino – no duplicates.

Another thing to note is that this is usually tied to your IP address, meaning people living under the same roof would have to share an account. In some cases, contacting the casino support staff can be a solution for this.

There are a couple of reasons that operators don’t allow duplicate accounts. One such reason is to evade a previous ban, which is obviously not allowed. We’ll go through another reason below, which covers the abuse of bonus offers and promotions.

Do not abuse casino bonus offers

You’re not allowed to create multiple accounts with the same online casino, as stated above. One of the main reasons for this is the potential abuse of bonuses, particularly the welcome bonus. First-deposit bonuses are usually the most generous, which is why a casino will only offer them once per player.

Creating a new account at the same casino to claim another welcome bonus will get you banned, and you’ll lose potentially lose your funds in the process. It’s also worth noting that sometimes, once you’ve claimed a welcome offer, you can’t claim another one from a new casino owned by the same operator.

If you really want another generous welcome bonus, you’ll just have to look for a new crypto casino. This way, you won’t get banned and can still enjoy the benefits of that first-deposit promotion with match bonuses or free spins.

Make sure you complete KYC (when applicable)

Most regular casinos will want you to complete KYC (know your customer). This includes sharing certain personal information, verifying with a phone number, and sending in document copies. One of the reasons for this is to prevent money laundering.

Whenever you do need to complete KYC to register an account, it’s highly recommended to do so legitimately. Don’t use fake phone numbers or send in fake documents or photo IDs, as you’ll not only get your account banned but you may be reported to authorities. Don’t even use a fake email address, as there might be a day when you’ll need to restore your account password.

Of course, when it comes to crypto casinos, you might not always need to complete KYC. Many of them offer anonymous registration, where all you need is an email address. Check our top casino lists to find the best anonymous crypto casinos.

Remember your account name and password

While this will usually only get your account temporarily locked, it’s an unnecessary annoyance. The best thing is to simply use a password you remember, or store it somewhere safe, or in a third-party program such as 1Password.

Thankfully, if you were to forget your password, enter the wrong one a few too many times and get your account locked, it can usually be resolved by contacting support.

Do not cheat

If you read the terms and conditions of any casino site, you’ll notice that they’re very clear about using third-party programs that affect your gambling directly. This includes installing bots or AI that play for you. Obviously, using any external software like that will get you instantly banned from any online casino, crypto or otherwise.

In almost every instance, cheating will get you banned, and you’ll end up losing your deposit and bonus funds. It’s recommended to simply create an account and follow the rules. You’ll still be able to have fun and win money. People who win big are people who don’t cheat, and that’s always worth remembering.


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