Provably Fair Games Guide

What is provably fair gaming, and how does it work? We’ve created this guide to answer all of the questions that new crypto casino players may have about certain types of games that are exclusive to crypto gambling.

In short, it’s a concept that emerged in the Bitcoin gambling industry to provide transparency and fairness in games of chance, sort of as a step up from RNG. This type of game uses cryptographic algorithms and protocols to ensure and prove that the results of each bet or spin are random and unbiased, and that neither the player nor the casino can manipulate the outcome.

On the surface, that’s really all you need to know, but let’s dive a bit deeper into how it works, why players like provably fair games, and which types you may encounter.

How do provably fair games work?

Typically, they’re using a cryptographic hash function that takes input data and generates a fixed-size string of characters, known as a hash. The hash function used in provably fair games is usually a one-way function, meaning that it's impossible to determine the original input data based on the hash output.

The game server first generates a random encrypted seed, which is used to determine the outcome of each bet. The seed is then hashed and sent to you, along with the Bitcoin slot or game's public seed. You can then use the public seed to play the game, and the result of each round is determined by combining the public seed with the encrypted seed.

Once the game has ended, you can verify that the outcome was actually random by checking the hash of the encrypted seed, which is only revealed by the game server after the round is complete. If the hash of the secret seed matches the hash that was sent to the player at the beginning of the round, it proves that the game was fair and that the outcome couldn’t have been manipulated.

Why do players like provably fair crypto games?

We think there are several benefits to playing crypto games with provability, and there are many casino players that agree. We’ll be highlighting some of the advantages of this technology below so that you can make up your own mind about it.

  • Transparency – Provably fair games provide transparency, allowing players to verify that the outcome of each bet was completely random and fair.
  • Trust – Crypto casinos providing transparent and fair games can build trust with their players and create a loyal customer base.
  • Security – The algorithms used in provably fair games make them more secure and less susceptible to fraud and hacking.
  • Fairness – Provably fair games ensure that the result of a match can’t be manipulated in any way, which provides a level playing field for everyone.

How different types of games use provably fair technology

Different types of games use different variations of provably fair technology to ensure fairness and transparency, however, they’re very similar in how they work and are mainly adjusted to fit each type of game.

Bitcoin slots

In crypto slot machines, the game server generates a random number that decides the outcome of each spin. We can then verify the fairness of the spin by checking the hash of the encrypted server seed and the player seed.

Bitcoin dice games

Crypto dice games are a bit different, where the server generates a number between 1 and 100, determining the outcome of each roll. The verification process is the same as for provably fair slots, however.

Bitcoin blackjack

A random number is generated and will determine the value of each card that is dealt. As with all provably fair games, the seeds can then be verified by the players to prove that the outcome was fair.

Bitcoin roulette

Once again, a randomly generated number decides the outcome of each spin of the wheel. Only when the game has ended can we verify that everything was fair by matching the seed numbers.


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