Twitch shuts down crypto casino streams – Top alternatives

Twitch has banned crypto gambling streams. This happened a few months back, as Twitch decided that it’s not going to support live streamers who make money by streaming casino gameplay from various popular casino platforms, including

Let’s take a look at what happened, what’s going to happen next, and what alternatives you can go to if you’re looking to get your casino stream fix.


On October 18th, 2022, Twitch updated its rules to ban crypto gambling streams. It’s actually specifically all streaming of casinos without a US license. This, of course, includes all crypto casino sites at the time of writing, as most have Curacao gambling licenses.

Sports betting and poker will still be allowed, but this has still effectively stopped all crypto casino streams.

What happens now?

This ban lead to much controversy, as expected, and many crypto casino streamers have been scrambling to find a new home. These influencers were often sponsored by crypto casinos, such as Stake, which has led to its increased growth and popularity.

While Twitch is no longer an option, popular streamers have come together and moved to other streaming platforms that still allow gambling in all of its forms. Luckily, if you still want to watch casino game streams, there’s now an alternative to do so, although it’s not quite ideal.

Alternatives to Twitch casino streams

The current top alternative to Twitch gambling streams is Kick. Many crypto casino influencers and streamers have moved to this platform, and it’s been going decently well. It’s not a fully adequate replacement for Twitch, but it’s ideal for those looking to watch their favorite streamers focusing on gambling content. Kick is backed by, which means it’ll likely never change its rules to ban online gambling streams.

At the time of writing, there are no other proper alternatives to Twitch gambling streams. You can give Kick a shot for now, which has a lot of potential. As it grows, it might turn into the next big thing for gambling-related live streaming.



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