Wagering Requirements Guide

It’s widely known and accepted that most casino bonuses come with wagering requirements. Their existence just makes financial sense for casino operators and serves as a way to provide players with more funds to play with, without straight-up giving it all away.

You might not be familiar with the term though. Maybe you’re new to crypto gambling or online gambling in general, and looking for a guide to understand what wagering requirements even are, and how they work. That’s a knowledge gap we’re looking to fill, so read on to understand wagering requirements.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements, or rollover requirements as they’re called in certain regions, are terms and conditions that determine how many times you need to wager your bonus funds (and sometimes deposit funds) before you can withdraw them to your bank account or crypto wallet.

They exist to prevent players from simply withdrawing all of the bonus funds they received during their first deposit. Otherwise, the casino would just be a money-doubling machine, which would be a terrible idea for the operators from a business standpoint.

Of course, wagering requirements aren’t all equal. There are good ones, and there are bad ones. Very good ones, and very bad ones. Hopefully, thanks to our curated casino lists, you’ve never had to encounter a bad one.

How do they work?

Before claiming a bonus of any kind, the rules attached to that bonus should be clearly outlined by the casino. Bonus terms usually consist of multiple rules, but we’ll be focusing on the wagering requirements here.

The terms should clearly state how many times you need to wager your bonus, and it’s just the bonus funds or your deposit as well. For instance, common wagering requirements are 35x (thirty-five times), 40x (forty times), and 45x (forty-five times). You’ll rarely find them higher or lower than that, but it’s entirely possible.

These numbers indicate how many times you need to wager your bonus funds before they’re released, turned into real currency, and can be withdrawn to your crypto wallet.

Wagering requirement example

When it comes to crypto casino bonuses, wagering requirements tend to work a bit differently. We’ve encountered many different systems that casinos have come up with to make it work. In some cases, they’ll just offer no-wagering free spins instead, to make it easier.

But since we’re here to explain how wagering requirements work, we’ll use fiat currency as an example, since it’s easier to understand and also what many crypto casinos use to measure wagers.

Example: If you deposit $100, the casino might match you with 100%, giving you an additional $100 to play with, making it a total of $200. Now, they might lock that $100 bonus funds behind a wagering requirement of 35x. This means that to get those $100 released and available for withdrawal, you’ll need to play bets and wager a total of $3500.

Check our crypto casino bonus page for examples where cryptocurrency is wagered and much more bonus information.

How do I wager my funds?

Wagering your funds is done simply by playing games that count towards the wagering requirements and avoiding running out of funds. In some cases, you might need to wager both your deposit and your bonus funds.

It matters which slots or games you play. Which ones count (or don’t count) will be stated in the terms and conditions of your bonus offer, and will differ from one crypto gambling site to another. It’s also worth noting that some games count more toward your wagering requirements than others.

For instance, a specific slot might count for 100% of your bet, while another might only count for 80%. Table games, such as blackjack and roulette, will often count for 0%, although in some cases they might count for a smaller percentage, such as 20%.

Do all bonuses have wagering requirements?

You’ll encounter many different types of bonus offers while jumping between gambling sites. While most bonuses, especially welcome bonuses, come with wagering requirements, there are plenty of exceptions.

Should you find a so-called no-wagering bonus, we recommend taking them up on the offer. No wagering usually means 1x wagering. So, you can simply claim your bonus funds, wager them just once, and then withdraw them, which is considered very generous. In some cases, they are wager-free free spins, which work the same way.

As mentioned above, you can go to our casino bonus page for all the information you might need about welcome bonuses, free spins, bonus terms, and much more.


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