Terms and Conditions Guide

It should come as no surprise that every casino has a set of terms and conditions. At least every serious casino. Most companies and websites have a page for terms and conditions, which they recommend you read. Of course, nobody ever does this – well, except us. It’s part of our job to read the terms and conditions of any casino we review or list, so that we know for sure that it’s fair.


Terms and conditions, or T&C for short, exist to protect both the company and the players visiting its website. They consist of rules and regulations that define how the casino is operated, help prevent money laundering, explain bonus terms, and more.

For players trying to find new crypto casinos on their own, giving the T&C a read is worth it. Use our guide below to understand how they work and what to look for.

If you’re short on time, however, you can rest assured that the casinos we list on our website have fair terms.

Standard terms and conditions across all casinos

If you decide to read the terms and conditions on your own, there’s frankly a lot to get through. It’s a time-consuming task, but will help you understand how the casino operates and what to expect during your visit.

You’ll find everything from disclaimers, wagering rules, payment information, and transaction procedures, to country and game restrictions, anti-fraud policies, and more. See which terms and conditions are most common across most gambling sites below.

  • Country restrictions
  • Game availability
  • Player account rules
  • Age restrictions
  • Transaction policies
  • Anti-money laundering policies
  • Wagering requirements
  • Payment information
  • Transaction procedures

Which ones to double-check

While all of the terms are important, a lot of them apply to activities that normal players will not partake in. If you create an account in good faith and play normally, you’ll likely not encounter any issues. There are, however, a few terms and conditions that are worth checking out, as they differ from one crypto casino to another.

  • Wagering requirements and bonus terms: Bonus offers come with wagering requirements, which determine how many times you need to wager your funds before you can withdraw them. It’s recommended to read the wagering requirements as well as other bonus terms, such as time limits and game restrictions, to know what to expect. Check our wagering requirements guide for more information.
  • Payment information and limits: You’ll want to know which payment methods are available. In all of our crypto casino reviews, we’ll list every coin that’s accepted. You should also note deposit and withdrawal limits. These can sometimes be increased via VIP programs by leveling up.
  • Transaction procedures: Another aspect worth noting is how transactions are processed at the casino. You can usually see approximate transaction speeds, for instance. Some sites require KYC, and these may also ask for further identification during withdrawals.

By taking a quick look at the terms and conditions of a new crypto casino site, you’ll be properly informed about how they operate and what to expect. Of course, you can also get all of the necessary information in our reviews, alongside impressions and other details.


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